Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Non-Degree Student Status

An individual who wishes to enroll in courses in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences without entering a formal degree program must apply for admission as a non-degree student. The basic requirements for such admission are the same as those for degree-seeking students except letters of recommendation and the GRE are not required. Non-degree applicants are also required to provide authorization for a security background and sanction check to be performed at the time of application.

A non-degree student must receive approval of registration each semester by the Dean of the Graduate School and by the instructor of each course, maintain a grade point average of at least a B (3.0 in 4.0 system) in courses taken as a non-degree student, and maintain a maximum course load of twelve semester hours in fall or spring semesters.

 In exceptional circumstances, an individual who is under consideration for admission to a degree program in the Graduate School may be permitted to register for a greater course load, with the concurrence of the Graduate Advisor of the degree program concerned. In general, students may not register as a non-degree student for more than four consecutive semesters.

 All grades received as a non-degree student will be included in the graduate student's transcript and in the computation of the cumulative GPA if the student is admitted subsequently to a graduate program.  Under special circumstances, such as the computation of the GPA to determine academic probation, the Dean may grant exceptions to this policy. The grading policy for non-degree students is the same as those for degree-seeking students.

Non-degree student status will not be granted to premedical students for the purpose of taking School of Medicine course. International students currently residing abroad should consult with the immigration office prior to submitting an application as a non-degree student. In most instances, only degree-seeking applicants are eligible to apply for visa status to initiate study abroad.