School of Nursing

Student Organizations

The School of Nursing provides numerous opportunities to get involved in student organizations. Below is a list of student organizations that students can be involved with. More student organizations exist at the university level through the Office of Student Life. For a full list, click here. For help connecting with organization leaders, contact the Student Success Center at

Nursing Student Council (NSC)

Nursing Student Council is the umbrella organization for all School of Nursing associations, organizations and groups. NSC consists of a president and officers, as well as the officers for each class at the graduate and undergraduate levels. NSC exists to provide a venue for communication between students, faculty, the Office of the Dean and staff members. Monthly meetings are held in the fall from September through December and in spring from February through April.


Black Student Nurses' Association (BSNA)

The BSNA stands to represent and support both Black and non-Black students in their scholastic endeavors and contribute to the nursing student education to provide the highest quality of healthcare to medically underserved populations.


Hispanic Student Nurses' Association (HSNA)

HSNA is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of promoting Hispanic culture, professionalism, leadership, fellowship, networking and providing quality health care to the community.


Student Nurses' Association (SNA)

The SNA stands to represent nursing students to the consumer, to institutions and to other organizations as well as promote and encourage student participation in interdisciplinary activities. SNA also assumes responsibility for contributing to nursing education in order to provide the highest quality of health care. 


Men in Nursing (MIN)

Men in Nursing is a social, service and mentorship organization established for the purpose of promoting the involvement and support of men aspiring to become professional nurses.   


International Nursing Students Association (INSA)

The INSA works to provide support for students, promote understanding of different cultures and provide a venue where students from any cultural background can find a common ground. 


Nurse Anesthesia Student Interest Organization

The Nurse Anesthesia Student Interest Organization is dedicated to creating a forum for dialogue, education and excellence, assisting students to develop their academic portfolios for their careers in the specialty of anesthesia in the nursing profession. This organization serves as a conduit for networking and preparation of the student body at UT Health San Antonio's School of Nursing pursuing nurse anesthesia. The Nurse Anesthesia Student Interest Organization engages the community by acting on the five pillars that are true to the character of its members: mentorship, education, community, leadership and excellence. 


Parents in Nursing School (PINS)

Parents in Nursing School is a student organization established for the purpose of supporting parenting and non-parenting individuals in undergraduate or graduate nursing programs at UT Health San Antonio. 


Pediatric Interested Volunteer Outreach Team (PIVOT)

The Pediatric Interested Volunteer Outreach Team is a core group of undergraduate nursing students interested in becoming pediatric nurses upon graduation. Members volunteer their time providing direct care to children and adolescents receiving pediatric primary care at the School of Nursing's Wellness 360 Pediatric clinic and during pediatric-focused community outreach events through the School of Nursing's medical mobile unit.