School of Nursing

STAR Model

The Star Model provides a focal point for evidence-based practice activities, including education and interdisciplinary research projects. Dr. Kathleen Stevens shares her expertise through the STAR model which in the videos below which have been viewed and referenced 3,000+ times. The STAR model is utilized by higher education and organizations that provide learning content for nursing professionals.


Developed in 2004, the Star Model is configured as a simple 5-point star; and it explains how knowledge is transformed at five major stages, starting from primary research, and continuing through the stages of evidence summary, translation, integration, and evaluation. This model places nursing’s previous scientific work within the context of Evidence-based Practice (EBP) and is proving useful for examining the EBP process, roles in EBP, and research methods with which to investigate EBP.

Adopted by scores of hospitals across the nation as part of their journey to excellence, the Star Model forms a foundation for developing workforce competencies, organizing projects, and employing EBP in clinical settings. Influenced by Imogene King, we continue to evolve the Star Model as a theory, combining concepts of knowledge transformation with elements of communication, mutual goal setting, and systems theory.