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American Academy of Nursing Fellows

American Academy of Nursing Fellows

The Academy serves the public and the nursing profession by advancing health policy through organizational excellence and effective nursing leadership. The Academy and its members, known as Fellows, create and execute evidence-based and policy-related initiatives to advance health care. UT Health San Antonio is proud to have 16 faculty within the School of Nursing that are Academy Fellows.

Academy Fellows are nursing's most accomplished leaders in education, management, practice, and research. Fellows have been recognized for their extraordinary nursing careers and are among the nation's most highly educated citizens.

Invitation to the fellowship represents more than recognition of one's accomplishments within the nursing profession. Academy Fellows also have a responsibility to contribute their time and energies to the Academy and to engage with other health leaders outside the Academy in transforming health systems by:

  • Enhancing the quality of health and nursing care,
  • Promoting healthy aging and human development across the life continuum,
  • Reducing health disparities and inequalities,
  • Shaping healthy behaviors and environments,
  • Integrating mental and physical health, and
  • Strengthening the nursing and health delivery system, nationally and internationally.

The following faculty are Academy Fellows: