School of Health Professions

Respiratory care students lead interprofessional lecture

By Kate Hunger 

Diagnosis and treatment of asthma was the focus of a lecture delivered by first-year respiratory care students last month as part of the School's Interprofessional Lecture Series. 

Sixty-five students attended the Oct. 12 presentation, in addition to School of Health Professions administrators, faculty and administrative support staff, said Gregory Holt Ph.D., RRT, assistant professor of respiratory care department. Holt supervised student presenters Abdulaziz Alyami, Calandra Snowden and Rain Rueda. 

The lecture covered the pathophysiology of asthma and asthma epidemiology, conventional and advanced asthma diagnosis tests, asthma controlling treatment, and how to avoid asthma triggers, Alyami said. 

"The lecture had a nice diagnostic component that spoke directly to the MLS students," Holt said. "I believe when they hear how other professions are directly integrated into their field, they feel more involved in patient care."

The lectures series touches on the range of patient care and is intended to increase understanding and awareness among the health professions. 

Holt believes student-led lectures are a testament to the quality of education at the School. 

"I think it's a demonstration of the education and training of the programs at the School of Health Professions and the individual preparedness showcasing our student's capabilities," Holt said. "Student-led seminars can be a source of pride and confidence from both the speaker's and audience perspective."



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