School of Health Professions

Physical Therapy adjunct instructor wins educator award

Selina Morgan, PT, DPT

By Kate Hunger

Selina Morgan, PT, DPT, adjunct Instructor at the School of Health Professions has been selected by the Texas Consortium for Physical Therapy Clinical Education to receive it's 2017 Dorn Long Outstanding Clinical Educator Award.

Morgan will receive the award in October at The Texas Physical Therapy Association's annual conference in Corpus Christi.

"There are hundreds of clinical educators in the state. This is a very competitive award and a great honor," said Greg Ernst, Ph.D., ECS, SCS, chair and professor in the Department of Physical Therapy.

A maximum of 10 clinical instructors statewide receives the annual award. 

As a clinical educator at Warm Springs, Morgan has worked with students from a number of universities in addition to UT Health San Antonio over the past 30 years. 

Working with students keeps her sharp, she said.

"I think the best part is the students have a lot of questions and so it keeps my knowledge base fresh," she said. "It's easy to be stagnant unless you are challenged." 

Morgan said she wants students to know the value of seeking out mentors. 

"I think they need to know they are not wandering the desert by themselves," she said. "There is always a mentor ready to play that role. Seek out mentoring because that is the only way to be successful." 

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