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Meet Anthony Mendoza, Jr: Respiratory Care Alum Pursues PA Dream

Anthony Mendoza


Students in the Division of Respiratory Care at UT Health San Antonio learn how to be valuable, contributing members of the health care team. Some of our respiratory care alumni go on to pursue other health professions. Take a moment to learn more about Anthony Mendoza, Jr., who graduated from our Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care program in 2021 and started our Master of Physician Assistant Studies program in May 2022.

Why did you choose UT Health San Antonio?

 UT Health San Antonio is one of the top health professions schools in Texas, has a reputation for academic excellence and emphasizes diversity by including people from all types of races, backgrounds and specialties. Also — San Antonio is home, and I feel that being home, with the support system of friends and family, is an advantage for anyone focused on growing as an individual.

 How did the respiratory care program prepare you for PA school? 

 By exposing me to a rigorous didactic and clinical experience that made me restructure my entire lifestyle for two years. I managed my time more efficiently, changed my study style and worked closely with my peers and professors to succeed as a health professional.

 What experience gained in the respiratory care program has had the biggest impact on you?

 I learned how to be comfortable asking my peers and professors for help. I learned that asking for help doesn’t make you weak and shows character — that you can put your pride to the side and focus on getting tasks done correctly.

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