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Doctor of Physical Therapy students receive white coats and pins

Doctor of Physical Therapy students wear their white coats at ceremony

By Kate Hunger

The Doctor of Physical Therapy Class of 2023 received its white coats and pins in a ceremony marking the transition from classroom learning to caring for patients.

“The students are deemed ready to start seeing patients during their full time clinical rotations,” said Department of Physical Therapy Chair and Associate Professor Greg Ernst, PhD, ECS. “They will complete a total of 34 weeks of full time rotations in a variety of settings, including inpatient, outpatient, neurologic rehabilitation, musculoskeletal rehabilitation and others.”

The April 15 ceremony was exciting for DPT student Kaliea Green, who chose to study physical therapy in order to help people to “move or function the way they want to.”

“It marks the first time we can go out into the real world and demonstrate our newfound knowledge and skills on actual patients,” Green said of the symbolism of the white coat. “It is an honor to be transitioning to a professional environment. The journey to this point has not been easy, but the first patient I am able to help will make every difficulty worth it.”

In addition to Green, other students who helped plan the event include Class President JJ Jumamil, who also served as student speaker, and Class Secretary Madison Trahan.

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