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Division of MLS welcomes new lab manager

MLS Instructor and Lab Manager Nathan Bullock

By Kate Hunger

The Division of Medical Laboratory Sciences welcomed Nathan Bullock, MHA, MLT: ASCPCM, as its new faculty-laboratory manager on Dec. 1.

As laboratory manager for the program, Bullock ensures that supplies are ready in the lab and tracks safety concerns. He is responsible for the preparation and setup of all student laboratories and is an instructor in all student labs.

Bullock didn’t begin his career in health care. After graduating from Texas State University with a bachelor’s in biology, he worked as an environmental and biological scientific quality technician in Austin. A desire to move back to San Antonio to be near his parents led Bullock to forge a new career path. He earned a medical laboratory technician certificate and a master’s in health care administration.

Bullock has worked as a quality control chemist, phlebotomist, medical laboratory technologist and toxicology analyst, most recently serving as a point-of-care coordinator for University Health. He has found working in health care to be particularly rewarding.

“When I was working in research, I knew at the end of the day my work would go to do something bigger than myself,” he said. “But in the laboratory, that patient is on the other side of the wall from where I am running my analyzer. What I do has a profound impact on someone.”

Bullock appreciates the many career options a degree in medical laboratory sciences offers.

“It’s a very well-rounded profession and well-rounded form of study,” he said. “There are a lot of opportunities, if someone wanted to go work in research or industry or to teach or stay in the health care laboratory.”

Bullock is enthusiastic and well-connected, said Terri Murphy-Sanchez, MLS, CSMLS, ASCPCM, assistant professor and program director for the Division of Medical Laboratory Sciences.

“We are excited to have Nathan, who brings some new and recent clinical experience to our program, especially with his work in point-of-care testing,” she said. “Additionally, he knows a lot of people who are currently working in the hospital laboratories, so he is excellent at networking and maintaining essential contacts.”

Bullock stepped into a role occupied for decades by Letitia “Tish” Barnhart, who retired in December after 31 years as a lecturer and lab manager.

“Tish is greatly missed, as she was the master organizer who kept our ‘ship’ —the student laboratories — afloat and operating efficiently,” Murphy-Sanchez said. “She was always on top of any issue related to students, and the students recognized this and could go to her with any concern or question.”

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