School of Health Professions

Associate Dean for Research

School of Health Professions 2018-2022 Strategic Plan

Research Goal: Continue to develop and grow health professions research programs of excellence and distinction in advancing human health. 

  1. Significantly improve School research productivity by further developing current faculty, strategic faculty recruitments, and providing appropriate support (e.g. pilot grants, statistical support, grant writing support, release time), recognition and incentive programs (e.g. SHP goals and metrics, FIP, CIP).
  2. Establish a Research Mentoring Program for research engaged faculty to provide support for acquisition and development of disciplinary skills and knowledge, grantsmanship, advice and community engagement. 
  3. Provide research development support and resources (e.g. pilot funding; editing and statistical support; internal/external critiques of drafts; lunch and learn sessions and training workshops; retreats; access to data and databases; Research Interest Groups;  and participation in school-wide training and development activities.  
  4. Continue to evaluate school-wide metrics of research success.
  5. Establish a Center for Outcomes Research as a School and University resource and as a recognized organizational unit eligible for federal funding. 
  6. Increase/support grant proposal development and submission through the use of realistic timelines, provision of internal and external feedback, funding targets, drafts, and final submissions and enhanced relationships between investigators and their targeted funding agency.       

Research Thematic Priorities:

  1. Outcomes research (health outcomes, clinical outcomes, comparative-effectiveness research).
  2. Clinical research on procedures, techniques, and drugs.
  3. Community-based research/population health.
  4. Chronic disease management.
  5. Collaborative research in rehabilitation, neuroscience, aging.

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