Organization:Project Management

Project Management


Reuben Pinkson - Interim Manager, Project Management

Office Location: Facilities Management building, Room 145
Office Phone: (210) 567-2911


The Project Management division is staffed with professionals that have been highly trained in managing construction and renovation projects. With expertise consisting of years of experience, professional certifications, and extensive training in project management techniques, Construction Project Managers supervise and coordinate project delivery utilizing a combination of in house construction trade personnel and external contractors. The Project Management Office is responsible for executing projects of all sizes and within all environments such as minor office renovations, improving the learning environment for students, lab renovations which foster collaboration and clinical environments which enhance patient care and services.



Construction Project Managers


Aguilar, Belen 210-567-4964
Alezz, Waseem 210-450-8379
Kotara, Rodney 210-567-2865
Mardini, Mohamad 210-567-1289
Patterson, Jeffrey 210-567-2029
Pipes, Garrett 210-450-8070
Rocha, Patrick 210-567-2978
Solorio, Samantha 210-567-2899
Zatopek, Joseph 210-450-8032


Construction Specialists


Garlitz, Paul 210-567-2973
Valadez, David 210-450-8401