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Microsoft Power App Developed to Aid in Providing Sanitation Supplies in Response to COVID-19

June 15 , 2020


In an effort to readily provide sanitation supplies and materials to the University in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Facilities Management partnered with the Information Management and Services (IMS) department to create the Sanitation Supplies Request (SSR) app. Built on the Microsoft PowerApps platform, anyone with a UTHSCSA domain account can use the app to request items such as sanitizer wipes and paper towels. "The app is intended to provide individuals the ability to submit requests for supplies through Facilities Management's Housekeeping and Event Services Division," said Charles Muller, member of Facilities Management IT and author of the app. "The need arose for a more efficient and streamlined approach to the submission and fulfillment of such requests while at the same time providing Facilities with a better way to capture and track supply request data", Muller said.


When the app is submitted, it goes through to a quick review and approval process to determine fulfillment. Customers can request that the items be delivered to their location or held at Housekeeping for in-person pick-up. Among the items available for new issue or refill are CaviWipes disinfectant towelettes, bottles of Virex sanitizing spray, hand sanitizers and paper towels. Limit is based on available supply. "The SSR app is an invaluable tool for receiving and tracking orders for lab, office classroom sanitization kits", said Jeffrey Patterson, Interim Assistant Director of Facilities Management for Housekeeping and Event Services. "It allows the Facilities team to record and process the orders as well as allow Housekeeping to track the delivery status to ensure the UT Health community can defend against the COVID-19 pandemic."


The app can be accessed on Windows PCs and Macs running Chrome, Firefox or Edge browsers and mobile devices running IOS and Android.


Click here to launch the app.