Personnel Profiles

Employee of the Year


Facilities Management continuously strives to recognize the efforts of the men and women who give their very best in ensuring that the Health Science Center lives up to its honor as one of the finest institutions in the University of Texas System. Aside from its Employee of the Quarter program, Facilities has a vigorous Employee of the Year program that selects that special individual from those who have been previously selected for the quarterly recognition that truly stands out as the best of the best.


At the recent Facilities Management Christmas party, David Ortiz, Assistant Director of Facilities Management for Business Operations, presented the award for Employee of the Year for 2018 to Zonna Woodward, an Administrative Assistant - Senior assigned to the Maintenance and Operations division of Facilities. Zonna was previously selected as Employee of the Quarter for the July - September quarter of 2018.


Zonna was selected by a committee of peers, a cross section of Facilities that reflects the department's diversity. From housekeepers and plumbers to electricians and drafters, the committee selected Zonna as truly deserving of the award. During her time here, Zonna has exemplified knowledge, dedication and reliability to the department and to this institution.


Zonna is an exteremely valuable part of the Facilities Management team and was well deserving of the honor of being recognized as the Facilities Management Employee of the Year for 2018.