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The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio


The Center for Patient Safety and Health Policy was established in April 2008 as a new initiative at UT Health San Antonio (formally known as UTHSCSA) with Dr. Jan Patterson as the Director for the Center. Dr Patterson is a Professor of Internal Medicine (Infectious Diseases) and Pathology and is the Associate Dean for Quality & Lifelong Learning.

Dr. Patterson has been on the faculty at UT Health San Antonio since 1993. She has twenty years of experience in the field of healthcare epidemiology and hospital-acquired infections and is the author of numerous publications. Over the past fifteen years she has held numerous notable leadership reflecting her professional skills as a leader, both in and outside of this institution.

The Center’s Mission is:

  • To increase quality and safety of clinical care
  • Enhance clinical effectiveness
  • Integrate quality improvement efforts into health services research and health policy
  • Train the next generation of health professionals to incorporate quality improvement practices in their work

Clinical Safety & Effectiveness Graduation