Property Control

Property Control Policies & Procedures

The president of the Health Science Center has appointed the director of the Office of Accounting as property manager. The director has assigned the responsibility for Health Science Center property and for an annual physical inventory of this property to department chairs and administrative heads. The property manager sets the time, as directed by the state Materials Management Commission, and provides the procedures for conducting the annual property inventory. Department chairs and administrative heads are responsible for insuring that disposal of Health Science Center equipment is accomplished in accordance with the appropriate procedure established in Section 6.3 of the Handbook of Operating Procedures:

Purchasing Procedure: Section 6.3.2
Tagging Non-HSC Owned Property Procedure: Section 6.3.4
Signature Authorization for Property Record Procedure: Section 6.3.1
Form: F-395-040-012
Annual Physical Inventory Procedure: Section 6.3.5
Unscheduled Inventories Procedure: Section 6.3.5
Trade-In Equipment Procedure: Section 6.3.3
Cannibalization of Equipment Procedure: Section 6.3.3
Form: F-395-040-047
Permanent Location Change Procedure: Section 6.3.4
Returned Merchandise to Vendor
Lost or Stolen Equipment Procedure: Section 6.3.3
Form: F-395-040-046
Temporary Removal of State Property from HSC Premises Procedure: Section 6.3.8
Change in Departmental Management Procedure: Section 6.3.4
Equipment Move Procedure: Section 6.3.7
Form: WO-3
Location Change Procedure: Section 6.3.4
Form: WO-3
Transfer Of Equipment to Other Departments Without Charge Procedure: Section 6.3.2
Form: F-395-040-076
Transfer of Equipment to Other Departments With Charge Procedure: Section 6.3.2
Form: F-395-040-077
Equipment Transfers to Surplus Property Procedure: Section 6.3.3
Equipment Transfers from the Surplus Property Area Procedure: Section 6.3.3
Gifts of Equipment Procedure: Section 6.3.2
Texas Surplus Property Agency Form: Section 6.3.6
Transfer Of Equipment - External Interagency Procedure: Section 6.3.2
Transfer Of Equipment - Non-state Agency Procedure: Section 6.3.2
Disposal of Software Procedure: Section 6.3.3
Computer and Computer Peripheral Disposal Request Form: F-395-040-113