Physician Assistant Studies

Welcome to the Department of Physician Assistant Studies! We are delighted that you have decided to investigate this interesting and challenging profession. There are many professional options available to our graduates - they have successful careers in hospitals, private clinics, not-for-profit health care facilities, and the military. Our faculty are recognized for their excellence in teaching and are well-known for their expertise in health care. We will work closely with you to ensure your success.


Entry into our PAS program is very competitive and the program is 24 months of hard, intense work. Our educational focus is on primary care with an emphasis on South Texas. Service is an important part of our consideration of applicants and we expect our students to continue to be involved with community and professional service. We want students who put service to others, particularly those with the greatest need, ahead of personal gain.


To make yourself more competitive...

  • Get to know as much as you can about the Physician Assistant profession.  Visit PA websites at: and or
  • Review our website and become familiar with our program.  Be able to tell us how you would be a good match for our program.Learn more about us by attending one of our applicant orientations. 
  • Take additional science courses in college and earn high marks in all the classes
  • Learn a second language, if you already know a second language, improve your language skills.  Consider learning medical Spanish.
  • Get hands-on health care experience:  volunteer or work as a nurse's aide; take an Emergency Medical Technology (EMT) course;shadow Physician Assistants to learn more about the profession and develop a concept of how they practice.
  • To obtain a Shadow Experience
    • Take a HIPAA class so that you can tell prospective practitioners that you are a HIPAA compliant.
    • Volunteer to work in any capacity in an office or emergency room where PAs are employed.  In the course of your volunteer work, you might become acquainted with a PA who may be willing to let you shadow - separate from your volunteer time.
    • Approach smaller practices or rural practices where they might be more amenable to having someone shadow. 
    • If you are affiliated with the military, try to find a military PA to shadow.  PAs are on staff at all military medical facilities.
    • Contact the Bexar County PA Society and ask for assistance.  Ask to attend one of their meetings and personally seek out a PA to shadow.


As you look at PA programs, learn as much as you can about all the programs in which you are interested. Remember, the application process is not just about us selecting you, but you selecting us. You have to choose the best program for you because the demands on you and the commitments you have to make to succeed are high. Learn everything you can about us; understand our mission, vision, and philosophy. If you share our vision, mission, and philosophy, then consider our program.


To learn more about the application and admission requirements for the PAS program, contact the School of Health Professions Office of Admissions and Special Programs (OASP). It is your one-stop-shop for information. They offer advising and admission services to prospective students and applicants, and provide timely, appropriate information to students, families, and high school and college advisors. The OASP works collaboratively with us to facilitate application and admission to our programs.