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Bachelor of Science Program

ANNOUNCEMENT: Applications for the B.S. program are now being accepted. Please email for further information.
Please Note: DO NOT submit an application for the B.S. program until you have completed a counseling session with a department faculty member.

The Profession

Dental laboratory technology is a profession that provides dentists with the devices used to rehabilitate the mouths of their patients. The technician is able to work independently with various materials such as gold, porcelain and acrylics to provide the restorations the patient needs. This is done by using the instructions found on a prescription from a dentist and with the impressions of the patient's teeth.
Dental technicians have extensive knowledge of dental materials and of dental anatomy.  They blend this knowledge with artistic and mechanical aptitudes that are highly valuable in this profession. Examples of some of the appliances made by dental technicians are gold crowns, porcelain bridges, removable partial dentures, complete dentures, and orthodontic devices.  The bachelor degree-prepared technologist is expected perform the more complex tasks, problem solve, and effectively manage and supervise various types of dental laboratory operations.

photoDegree Requirements

The Bachelor of Science Degree is divided into three phases.  They include general education courses, prerequisite laboratory courses, and Bachelor of Science courses.  A total of 120 credit hours is required to grant the degree.

General Education Courses (45 credit hours)

Baccalaureate degrees granted by state institutions must contain 42 credit hours from the Texas Core Curriculum.  These courses are not offered at the UTHSCSA but may be completed at any regionally accredited institution.  A minimum of  30 credit hours must be completed prior acceptance into the Bachelor of Science Program.  The remaining general education courses may be completed along with the B.S. coursework.  In additional to the Texas Core Curriculum courses, a three-hour introduction to business course is requiredin the general education coursework.   The following is a list of the Texas Core Curriculum:

Texas Core Curriculum Requirements

Communication - 6 (English Rhetoric/Composition)
          English Composition I - 3
          English Composition II - 3
     Mathematics- 6
          College Algebra - 3
          Statistics - 3
     Natural Sciences - 9
          Biology - 3
          Chemistry - 3
          Physics - 3
     Humanities and Performing Arts - 6
          Visual/Performing Arts - 3
          Other Humanities (literature, philosophy, etc.) - 3
     Social and Behavioral Sciences - 15
          U. S. History I- 3
          U. S. History II or Texas History - 3
          Political Science - 6 (Including Texas government and constitution)
          Social/Behavioral Science - 3  
    Total Semester Credit Hours - 42

Prerequisite Dental Laboratory Courses (45 credit hours)

The prerequisite dental laboratory courses may be completed at any regionally accredited dental laboratory program offering a two-year degree or certificate. Courses in dental anatomy, dental materials, crown and bridge, ceramics, complete dentures, and removable partial dentures will be considered in this prerequisite requirement.  Professional experience/credentials and credit by examination will be considered for technicians who do not have this academic background.  The Admissions Committee of the Department of Dental Laboratory Technology must approve all prerequisite requirements.

Bachelor of Science Degree Courses (30 credit hours)

The Bachelor of Science courses are offered by the Department of Dental Laboratory Technology at the UTHSCSA.  The courses are offered in both on-campus or distance settings.  The curriculum includes 18 required and 12 elective credit hours.  The following is a listing of courses offered:

Required Coursework (18 semester hours)
DELT 3045 Introduction to Dental Research
DELT 4013 Compliance Issues in the Dental Laboratory Profession
DELT 3001 Introduction to Dental Laboratory Operations
DELT 3047 Case Presentation
DELT 4007 QA/QC in the Dental Laboratory
DELT 3041 Innovations in Dental Technology

Elective Professional Coursework (12 semester hours)
DELT 3043 Current Issues in the Dental Laboratory Profession
DELT 3005 Advanced Laboratory Procedures I
DELT 3039 Dental Laboratory Professional Development
DELT 3015 Advanced Laboratory Procedures II
DELT 4005 Advanced Laboratory Procedures III
DELT 3035 Dental Laboratory Operation Strategies
DELT 3013 Development of Education and Training Programs
DELT 3037 Internship in Education and Training
DELT 4021 Internship in Dental Laboratory Production
DELT 4022 Internship in Dental Laboratory Operations
DELT 4914 Dental Laboratory Operation and Production Seminar
DELT 4090 Special Topics
DELT 4091 Independent Study

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