Dual Bachelor of Science and Master of Dietetics Studies



The Coordinated Program in Dietetics (CPD) will lead to a dual degree; a Bachelor of Science with a major in Dietetics and Nutrition and a Master of Dietetics Studies with a major on Dietetics Studies.  Graduates of the CPD will be eligible to take the Commission on Dietetics Registration (CDR) national examination to become a Registered Dietitian (RD). 


The pre-professional phase of the program will consist of the 42 semester credit hours (SCH) of the Texas Core Requirements and prerequisite coursework, which can be taken at any regionally-accredited community college or university.  The pre-requisites include Organic Chemistry with lab, Biochemistry, Anatomy and Physiology with lab (8 credits), Microbiology with lab, Introductory Statistics, Principles of Management  and Introductory Nutrition (we hope to offer this course in the Summer 2009).   Additional admission requirements to the professional phase of the program include: the Texas Common Application, two reference forms, a letter of interest, official transcripts, completion of 67 SCH with a minimum 2.75 GPA on a 4.0 scale, and no grade lower than a C in any of the Texas Core requirements and the pre-requisite courses.


The professional phase of the program will include didactic coursework in nutrition and dietetics delivered to and from San Antonio or the Laredo Campus Extension via video-teleconferencing and other distance technology.  A minimum of 1200 hours of supervised experiences will be offered at different affiliations throughout South Texas to meet the competencies for an entry-level practitioner.  The program concentration for the supervised experiences will focus on Health Promotion/ Disease Prevention and Treatment.


For students with a Bachelor of Science degree, all the pre-requisites must be met prior to the admission into the program.  These students will earn a second B.S. degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and a professional Master of Dietetics Studies (MDS), and must enroll in the undergraduate dietetics courses designed to meet all the foundation knowledge and skills of the program.  Completion of the program may take approximately three years.


In 2010-11, the Master of Dietetics Studies Option may be offered to advanced standing students if space is available.  This option is for students with a Bachelor of Science degree who have fulfilled all Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) requirements from a CADE accredited program and are seeking only a Master of Dietetics Studies which is equivalent to a dietetic internship. Students entering this option must have equivalent coursework to our B.S. Program in Nutrition and Dietetics and a DPD verification statement from a CADE accredited program.  Other courses may be required as recommended by the program director and admission committee.


The mission of our Coordinated Program in Dietetics is to prepare entry-level dietitians who positively impact the nutritional status and health of individuals and the community, particularly those living in South Texas, through a solid academic education, service, and scholarship.


Goals and Outcome Measures

Program Accreditation

The program has been granted Candidacy for Accreditation from the Commission on Ac­creditation for Dietetics Education (CADE).  For further information on accreditation contact:


CADE, American Dietetic Association
120 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 2000
Chicago, Illinois 60606-6995
312/899-0040, ext. 5400
Fax: 312/899-4817
E-mail: cade@eatright.org
URL: www.eatright.org/cade