Master of Deaf Education and Hearing Science


Girl cutting paper with scissorsThe University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Master’s Degree in Deaf Education and Hearing Science is a graduate level course of study designed for students with a background in regular/special education or communication disorders. Students without an education background must complete pre-requisite work and observation/service hours to qualify as an applicant.


Applications can be submitted August through February 15 for the next cohort which begins in May. Applications for early admission can be submitted one year prior to graduation. To apply early, candidates must have a minimum of a 3.5 GPA; 3.0 for the regular application cycle.


The application consists of an online form, a statement of purpose, resume, and 3 professional letters of recommendation (preferable from individuals that have observed teaching). An interview is also required. Selected students receive a full tuition scholarship including a learning stipend each semester.


The two-year program consists of 36 semester credit hours of course work that includes observations, seminars, demonstrations, research opportunities, and practicum. Practicum assignments are scheduled at Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children and public schools. Two sign language courses are required as co-requisites and must be completed prior to graduation from the DEHS Program. Sign proficiency is not an objective for the co-requisites but will serve as an orientation to alternate communication modes. Students who successfully complete course requirements must pass a comprehensive examination covering the major components of the program.


The Master of Deaf Education and Hearing Science is nationally certified by the Council on Education of the Deaf (CED). Students are able to receive CED certification upon graduation. Students are also eligible for certification as a teacher of the hearing impaired in the state of Texas through examination.