Cytogenetics Program


The Cytogenetics Programs are not accepting applications
for the 2013-14 or the 2014-15 cohorts at this time.


Welcome to the Cytogenetics Program!   I’m pleased you are interested in Cytogenetics and look forward to working with you to help you learn more about this career choice on the forefront of clinical genetic diagnostics.  Graduates of this program have successful careers in genetics laboratories across the state and nation.  With experience, many graduates have progressed to managerial positions in laboratories and hospitals, entered the biomedical industry, pursued genetic counseling or made the final jump to terminal degrees in genetics or medicine.  I look forward to working with you to provide the necessary background and skills to find meaningful employment and pursue your dream.


To learn more about the application and admission requirements for the Cytogenetic programs, contact the School of Health Professions Welcome Center.   It is your “one-stop-shop” for information.  They offer advising and admission services to prospective students and applicants, and provide timely, appropriate information to students, families, and high school and college advisors. The Welcome Center works collaboratively with us to facilitate application and admission to our programs. 


For more information about specific Cytogenetics programs:


Bachelor of Science in Cytogenetics


Post-baccalaureate Certificate Program


Betty Dunn, M.S., CLSp (CG)
Associate Professor
Director, Cytogenetics Program
(210) 567-8860