Faculty and Staff



Linda A. Smith Linda A. Smith, Ph.D., CLS (NCA)
Professor and Chair
Graduate Program Director

Contact: smithla@uthscsa.edu
(210) 567-8860

Cheryl Burns

Cheryl Burns, M.S., CLS (NCA)
Associate Professor
Undergraduate Program Director

Contact: burnsc@uthscsa.edu
(210) 567-8860

Douglas Bearden

Marvin Douglas Bearden, M.A., CLS (NCA), MT (ASCP)
Assistant Professor, Education Coordinator, Phlebotomy Instructor

Contact: beardenm@uthscsa.edu
(210) 567-8860
Steven Dallas Steven D. Dallas, Ph.D., D (ABMM), SM (ASCP), MT (ASCP)
Assistant Professor

Contact: dallass@uthscsa.edu
(210) 567-8860

Betty Dunn

Betty Dunn, M.S., CLSp (CG)
Associate Professor
Director, Cytogenetics Program

Contact: dunnb0@uthscsa.edu
(210) 567-8860
George Kudolo George B. Kudolo, Ph.D., FAIC, FACB
Coordinator, Graduate Toxicology Program
Principal Investigator, Research & Development Service,
South Texas Veteran's Health Care System

Contact: kudolo@uthscsa.edu
(210) 567-8860



Letitia Barnhart

Letitia Barnhart, MT (ASCP)
Laboratory Manager

Contact: barnhart@uthscsa.edu
(210) 567-8860

Kathy Mercad-Vasquez

Kathy Mercado-Vasquez

Contact: mercado@uthscsa.edu
(210) 567-8860

Rhonda Dietrich

Rhonda Dietrich
Administrative Assistant I

(210) 567-8860
Michelle Lopez Michelle Lopez
Senior Secretary

Contact: lopezm13
(210) 567-8860