Student Life


There are plenty of extracurricular activities to round out your life while attending the UT Health Science Center. There is a CLS Student a group of students posing for pictureAssociation. This group has periodic fund-raisers for sending students to professional meetings, for community needs such as March of Dimes, homeless groups, etc. The CLS classes periodically form teams to play intramural baseball and volleyball. All we need is one avid baseball or volleyball fan to organize the group.


Students also assist in health fairs in the community and in recruitment/public awareness activities. They may present brief informational sessions to high school tour groups who come to the UT Health Science Center, attend college career fairs and assist in workshops off campus for high school or junior high school students.

Periodically, there are student events for all UT Health Science Center students.



Group of students posing for picture

Woman a lectern Woman giving presentation at lectern
Student behind lectern Woman reading at lectern


Students dressed in Halloween costumes

Group of students at a conference

Several students holding certificates Students with tray of cupcakes at bakesale

Selling goodies at bakesale