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Welcome to the Health Science Center’s donor website! 

Pledge Now:

  1. Click Pledge Now on the lower right side of your screen (below Dr. and Mrs. Henrich’s signatures).
  2. Select the method by which you wish to make your gift: Payroll Deduction or Credit Card. 
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Decide how much you’d like to donate.
    1. If you choose to give by Payroll Deduction, select the amount per paycheck you wish to have deducted or fill in your own amount. 
    2. If you wish to donate by credit card, submit your credit card information.
    3. Select Continue.

Invest Your Contribution:

You can now choose how to invest your contribution. Please use the following steps: 

  1. Before entering the percentage or dollar amount, click Locate an Agency at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select a Federation.
  3. Choose a specific agency within a federation that will receive a portion of your donation. This system will allow up to 6 agency designations.
  4. Input the percentage or the dollar amount you’d like to give to each agency. Click Continue.

Confirmation Screen:

Please look at this screen carefully!  Confirm that your pledge information is correct and please fill out the required fields. To complete your contribution you must click Submit Donation.  If you want a receipt for your records, click on Print Pledge Summary.

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Did you experience any problems in making your online pledge?  For more information, please contact your departmental coordinator.