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How to hold a fundraiser


How to hold a fundraiser


Has your office decided to hold a fundraiser for SECC? Fundraisers can be fun, and they are a great way to bring in extra donations. Here's a list to help you get started.

1. Preparing for your fundraiser

Fill out and submit the Room Reservation Request form to reserve your space, email form to
The following locations are some of your options:

Tip: Show up early with your supplies to prepare for your fundraiser.

For questions, contact room scheduling: Sonia Lopez at 210-567-2655

2. Contact Facilities Management

Once you’ve received confirmation that your space has been reserved, contact Facilities Management
(210-567-2885 – Helen Garlitz) to ensure that you will have the necessary materials to hold your fundraiser.

The President’s Office will cover the costs of the items listed below per event, per department, however any additional  items will be an additional cost to your department.

If additional items are needed, your department will be responsible for the costs.
Please fill out a Service Request Form (SRF ).

For questions, contact facilities: Helen Garlitz at 210-567-2885

3. Advertise your fundraiser

Advertise throughout your department and the campus by sending emails to your contacts and posting flyers in your office area. Please review the HOP for proper flyer posting procedures.

4. Turn in donations

After your fundraiser, fill out the Cash Receipt Voucher (CRV) Form and immediately turn in all cash/checks to the Bursar’s Office. Make sure you follow the proper procedures to turn in your money.

For questions, contact Cynthia Adcock at 210-567-2003

Thank you for supporting your SECC!