Reports to the State

State agencies are required to make their state reports available in electronic format. The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio has published the following reports:

Annual Audit Report
The Texas Internal Auditing Act requires state agencies and institutions of higher education to file an annual report on internal audit activity and the individual internal audit reports. The annual report is submitted to the State Auditors Office, the Office of the Governor, the Legislative Budget Board, and the Sunset Advisory Commission. (.pdf format)

Annual Financial Report-Primary Statements
No later than Nov. 20, the executive head of each state agency shall file with the governor, the state auditor, the Legislative Budget Board, Legislative Reference Library, and the comptroller of public accounts an annual report as of Aug. 31 of the preceding fiscal year showing the use of appropriated funds. An annual report shall be prepared by the agency to present the financial position and the results of its operations and changes in financial position for the fiscal year in conformity with reporting guidance provided by the comptroller of public cccounts. (.pdf format)

Compensation Reports
House Bill 12 of the 83rd legislative session requires that gifts and other consideration made to an institution of higher education for state employee salary supplements or other purposes as well as staff compensation and related information must be posted on the institutions website. (.pdf format)

Legislative Appropriation Request
Requests for fiscal years 2018 and 2019 are contained in the report filed with the Legislative Budget Board. (.pdf format)

Operating Budget
An itemized budget for the fiscal year ending Aug. 31, 2018, that covers university operations. The budget is filed with the Governor's Office of Budget and Planning, the Legislative Budget Board, the Comptroller of Public Accounts and the Legislative Reference Library. (.pdf format)

Revenue Survey
This report is no longer required by the State of Texas

Tobacco Year-End Report
This report is no longer required by the State of Texas

Tobacco Proposed Budget
Article III, Section 42 of the 2018-2019 General Appropriations Act requires that a Budget be submitted to the Legislative Budget Board and to the Governor's Office no later than November 1st of each year of the biennium. The report shall describe purposes and amounts for which the funds will be used. (.pdf format)

Where the Money Goes
The 82nd Texas Legislature, Senate Bill 5, Section 1.03 requires that each public institution of higher education posts its “Check Register” of payments on the institution's Internet website, including for each payment from general revenue, or from tuition and fees, the

  1. payment amount
  2. date
  3. purpose of the payment
  4. name of the payee

As an alternative to posting that information on the institutional website, an institution may instead provide an easily noticeable, direct link to similar information on the State Comptroller's website. You may search expenditures of state funds by Texas agency, including the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, by visiting the Texas Comptroller's Texas Transparency web site. Click on this link and follow the menus provided to search general revenue expenditures of the Health Science Center or any other agency of the State of Texas.