High School students in classroom program

Recruitment and Science Outreach

The Office of Recruitment and Science Outreach offers students – from grade schools through undergraduate programs – opportunities to gain experiences and insight into medical/health careers, in preparation for pursuing these professions in the future.

Upcoming Event:

Health Career Explorations Sessions PLUS Don't Sugar Coat Diabetes

We are pleased to announce a temporary addition to our regular campus visits. Student visitors will receive an introduction to the UT Health San Antonio's programs, conversation about career exploration and have these coupled with an exciting hand-on session by our medical students! This special session will introduce diabetes by using various anatomical models, interactive simulations, and informative presentations. By emphasizing preventative lifestyles that include increased activity, healthy diet, and weight reduction, the presentation will teach the students how to reduce risk for diabetes. Students will complete an evaluation survey about their knowledge and confidence about diabetes before and after the presentation.

Please sign up for a regular campus visit, but on the notes section, please note that you are choosing the DON'T SUGAR COAT DIABETES session.  Space is limited and this program will only be offered a few times this Fall.
Choose one of the following dates:

  • October 12, 2018
  • October 26, 2018
  • November 02, 2018

A TRAVEL STIPEND of up to $100 per school is available for schools needing assistance with covering transportation/bus costs to UT Health San Antonio for this particular program only! Please contact Dr. Irene Chapa at chapai@uthscsa.edu for details.

Science Expo 2018

This annual event is held on a Saturday in November, from 8am-noon, and offers high school and collegiate students the opportunity to explore through hands on demonstrations, opportunities in the health professions programs offered at the Health Science Center. Expo 2018 is scheduled for Saturday, November 10th.

Science Expo event full. Hope you can join us next year!

Science Expo 2018

  • UT Health faculty, staff and students register to volunteer here