High School students in classroom program

Recruitment and Science Outreach

The Office of Recruitment and Science Outreach offers students – from grade schools through undergraduate programs – opportunities to gain experiences and insight into medical/health careers, in preparation for pursuing these professions in the future.

Upcoming Event:

High School students in classroom program

Brain Bee: Show us your Brain Power!

All South Texas High School students are eligible to compete in the South Texas Brain Bee! The Brain Bee is actually an international competition! There is no entry fee. What you have to do is study a fact book, much like you would study words for a spelling bee and then compete, here at the UT Health Science Center on January 14th, 2016..

The First Place winner from the San Antonio competition goes to the NATIONAL BRAIN BEE at THE UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND (air fare, hotel and expenses for 2 are provided by the organization, so it’s TOTALLY FREE for the students!) THE NATIONAL US CHAMPION competes in the INTERNATIONAL BRAIN BEE.


Registration has begun on the website. Please go to the following website for more information and to register:
SOUTH TEXAS BRAIN BEE. For more information, please click here.