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Here at the UT Voice Center, we have been serving patients with voice and airway disorders since 1996. We are part of UT Medicine, the faculty medical practice of the School of Medicine at the UT Health Science Center in San Antonio.

Our state-of-the-art clinic is housed in the Medical Arts and Research Center (MARC) facility in San Antonio, Texas where we can provide office evaluation, surgical care, and therapy services for our patients. We believe in a multidisciplinary approach to voice care. This means that your evaluation and treatment will involve both physicians and our colleagues in speech pathology. This allows us to provide the most comprehensive care for your voice.


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Vocal cord therapy restores singer’s range:
Online, Miraglilo learned about C. Blake Simpson, M.D., of UT Medicine San Antonio and booked an appointment. Dr. Simpson, a fellowship-trained otolaryngologist, told Miraglilo about a minimally invasive vocal cord procedure called pulsed KTP laser treatment. | read more


Country Music and Otolaryngology:  Dr. Blake Simpson Save a Legendary Voice

Imagine having a hit song on the radio, and people lining up to see you everywhere you go. You’re getting all the publicity you could ever want and album sales are booming. Life could not be going better. Just as your rocket is about to deliver you to the stars, you open your mouth one night to sing – and nothing comes out. | read more


High-Tech Laser Treatment Removes Vocal Cord Polyps Without Surgery:
A local physician is making history with an advanced technology to treat problems with vocal cords, and people are coming to San Antonio from around the country for the procedure. | read more


Dr. Simpson and the Voice Center have published the definitive textbook on vocal cord surgery: