March 1, 2001
Volume XXXV, No. 9



Faculty encouraged to apply for ITG program

Applications for the 2002 Innovative Teaching Grants program (ITG) are currently being accepted. The ITG program provides start-up grants to support faculty members' efforts to develop, implement and evaluate innovative educational techniques for their students. Grant amounts range from $2,500 to $5,000 per project.

More than 30 Health Science Center faculty members have received ITG awards in the past five years. The grants have been used for a variety of projects including: creating interdisciplinary courses, evaluating new teaching methods, developing computer-based learning modules or Web-based online courses, pilot testing new strategies to assess student competence and conducting research to measure the effectiveness of educational strategies.

The ITG applications are reviewed and selected by the academic informatics services advisory committee, which consists of faculty representatives from all UTHSC schools and academic support units.

For more information or to obtain an ITG application, call Bill Hendricson, division of educational research and development, at ext. 7-2813 or send an e-mail to