Jan. 18, 2002
Volume XXXV, No. 3


Of Note


School of Nursing faculty publish research

Congratulations to these School of Nursing faculty members, whose research has been published or accepted for publication.

  • Drs. Gail Williams, associate professor of nursing in the department of family nursing care, and Donna Taliaferro, former assistant professor, had their article, "From Nightingale to Beyond 2000: Philosophical Issues Related to Nursing Education," published in the International Journal for Human Caring.
  • Dr. Janet Banks, assistant clinical professor in the department of family nursing care, had her chapter, "Assessment and Care of the Normal Newborn," published in "Maternal, Neonatal and Women's Health Nursing."
  • Drs. Colleen Keller, professor and chair of the department of family nursing care, and Robert Treviño, director of the San Antonio Institute of Medicine, had their article, "Effects of Two Frequencies of Walking on Cardiovascular Risk Factor Reduction in Mexican American Women," published in Research in Nursing & Health.

  • Dr. Mary Heye, associate professor in the department of acute nursing care, had her manuscript, "A Preoperative Intervention for Pain Reduction, Improved Mobility, and Self-Efficacy," accepted for publication in Applied Nursing Research.

  • Drs. Janet Allan, dean of the School of Nursing, and Colleen Keller had their article, "Evaluation of Selected Behavior Change Theoretical Models Used in Weight Management Interventions," published in The Online Journal of Knowledge Synthesis for Nursing.

  • Dr. Judy Longworth, assistant professor in the department of family nursing care, and Eula Marable, Wayne State University, had their article, "Recent Advances in Barrier Contraception: Review and Report of Clinical Trial of the OVES Cervical Cap," published in Recent Reviews in Gynecological Practice.

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