May 17, 2002
Volume XXXV, No. 20




Outlook e-mail storage capacities set to increase June 1

Computing resources has good news for employees who use Microsoft Outlook and receive unusually large amounts of e-mail or who just tend to hold on to e-mail messages longer than most people. The storage capacities on all employees' Outlook e-mail boxes will be increased beginning June 1.

The storage capacities currently are set at 15, 17 and 30 megabytes. When your mailbox size reaches the first level, you receive a warning message. At the second level, you no longer are able to send messages. At the third level, you can no longer receive messages. These numbers will increase to 22, 25 and 60 megabytes or 47 to 100 percent more space. Although users will be allowed to retain larger amounts of e-mail for longer periods of time, computing resources still encourages employees to organize and clean out their e-mail boxes on a regular basis. Users also can save important messages to their hard drives, if proper backup procedures are in place, or to their local file servers.

For more information, call the computing resources triage help desk at ext. 7-2069.