February 23, 2001
Volume XXXIV, No. 8


Of Note


Briscoe Library upgrades workstations

Computer workstations. Faculty and students take advantage of the new computer workstations in the library.

The Briscoe Library staff has upgraded its public workstations on its third, fourth and fifth floors. Faculty, staff and students now have access to six additional new Dell GX110 Optiplex computer workstations on the third floor. Each is equipped with a 17-inch monitor, 256 megabytes of RAM and an 800-megahertz Pentium Processor. One workstation with a 21-inch monitor is reserved for the visually impaired.

Existing workstations on the fourth and fifth floors also have been updated with faster, more efficient hardware.

A grant from the Texas Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund to the UTHSC department of information management and services funded the upgrade and purchase of new equipment. Sallieann Swanner, associate director for systems, said the upgrade enhances the public access computing facilities, and thereby increases the utilization of electronic resources at the UTHSC.