Nov. 16, 2001
Volume XXXIV, No. 46


In Memoriam

Of Note


Police encourage employees to take mail safety precautions

With anthrax scares popping up across the nation, the Health Science Center is taking extra precautions to process mail that comes through the university mail room. The university police department is coordinating its efforts with university mail services to ensure the safety of all mail delivered to campus. Although police representatives do not expect any threats against the university, they ask all employees to be vigilant for suspicious packages and to use common sense when opening up all mail.

Employees who suspect that a package contains a biological substance are asked to call university police immediately. They should place a plastic trash bag over the item very carefully to isolate it. Everyone in the office should step outside the office, close the door and remain outside until police arrive.

Persons interested in a police presentation about suspicious letters or parcels should call ext. 7-2800 and ask for officer Karen Tucker.

Here are some characteristics of a suspicious letter or parcel:
  1. Excessive postage.
  2. Handwritten or poorly typed address.
  3. Incorrect titles with no names, or misspellings of common words.
  4. Strange odor or oily stains.
  5. Restrictive marks or endorsements such as "Personal," "Confidential" or "For Your Eyes Only."
  6. Unusual weight, given package size, or package is lopsided or oddly shaped.
  7. Differing return address and postmark.
  8. Whitish powder in or on a letter or parcel.