Aug. 17, 2001
Volume XXXIV, No. 34



Of Note


UTHSC, UT Austin to jointly offer courses on biology of aging, politics and policies of aging

The Health Science Center and UT Austin have teamed to exchange unique, graduate-level courses in gerontology. This fall, reciprocal telecasting at each campus will permit UTHSC to offer "Gerontology Studies: The Biology of Aging" on Thursdays from 5 to 8 p.m. and UT Austin to offer "Gerontology Studies: Politics and Policies in an Aging Population" on Wednesdays from 3 to 6 p.m.

The Health Science Center is internationally recognized for its strong, multidisciplinary program in the science of aging, and UT Austin is renowned for its research into the social and political aspects of aging. Students enrolled in UTHSC's Biology of Aging course will receive instruction from leaders in the field on topics such as the general concepts and theories of aging, aging and disease, and the molecular, genetic and cellular bases of aging. Topics for the UT Austin course, Politics and Policies in an Aging Population, include historical perspectives, the power and politics of aging today, demographic processes, old age and security by generation, and aging, disability and long-term care.

Qualified students will earn three hours of graduate credit for each of the courses completed. Both courses also will make available continuing medical education credits to physicians and continuing education credits to other health professionals.

Prerequisites for either course are a bachelor's degree and entrance into a graduate program. Special student status also is available. For more information on both courses, registration requirements and guidance for application submittal, call Dr. Carolyn Marshall at ext. 7-3372 or Cookie Boehme at ext. 7-4397, or visit Web site

The Politics and Policies in an Aging Population course begins Aug. 29, and the Biology of Aging course begins Aug. 30.