January 19, 2001
Volume XXXIV, No. 3


In Memoriam

'E-University' exposition scheduled

"EXPO 2001: E-University: A New Frontier at UTHSCSA," sponsored by the information management & services department and the Briscoe Library, will feature tracks of presentations on "E-Access," "E-Health Care," "E-Learning," "E-Publishing" and "E-Research." Keynote and other speakers are being finalized; if you are interested in speaking on one of these topics, contact Tania Bardyn, EXPO 2001 co-chair, at 7-2400 or bardyn@uthscsa.edu.

E-university logo

The E-Health Care track will demonstrate how advances in information technology are changing the patient care delivery process, and will explore issues in clinical informatics, electronic medical records, consumer health and collaborative technology tools for research. Dr. Terry V. Fotré, president and chief scientist at MEDePass Inc. and assistant clinical professor at Stanford Medical School and the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine, will present the E-Health Care keynote address.

MEDePass, a subsidiary of the California Medical Association, provides technology solutions for health care professionals. Dr. Fotré will speak about the MEDePass effort to establish an "electronic passport" for physicians, allowing them to authenticate their identity to others on the Internet.

Dr. Steven Wartman, executive vice president for academic and health affairs and dean of the Medical School at the Health Science Center, also will speak as part of the E-Health Care track. Dr. Wartman's presentation ­ "The Patient-Computer Relationship?" ­ will describe the unique challenges that evolving information technology presents to the traditional patient-provider relationship.

The E-Learning track will highlight exemplary uses of technology for teaching and learning. Faculty and academic support staff will present examples of how they have integrated teaching, technical support and operational processes to produce distributed learning via the Web and videoconferencing.

Dr. Darcy Hardy, director of the U. T. TeleCampus and assistant vice chancellor for academic affairs for The University of Texas System, will be the keynote speaker for the E-Learning track. Dr. Hardy will speak on "Taking the Distance Out of Education."

EXPO 2001 will be held Feb. 28 and March 1 at the Health Science Center. For more information, visit the EXPO 2001 Web site at www.uthscsa.edu/expo.

A grant from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, South Central Region, will partially fund this event.