July 20, 2001
Volume XXXIV, No. 29


Of Note


MacDougall receives international award


Dr. Mary MacDougall, professor of pediatric dentistry and associate dean for research in the Dental School, has won the 2001 International Association for Dental Research (IADR) Pulp Biology Research Award.

The award is bestowed for significant contributions to dental research and includes a $2,000 cash prize and a commemorative plaque. Both were presented to Dr. MacDougall during the opening ceremony of the 79th IADR General Session in Chiba, Japan, on June 27. The award is supported by the L. D. Caulk Division of Dentsply International.

Dr. MacDougall, who joined the Dental School faculty in 1993, studies tooth formation and gene regulation of dental growth and repair. She and colleagues also are working to create synthetic tooth enamel and dentin — the hard portion of the tooth surrounding the pulp — and on a cavity treatment that stimulates growth of dentin.

As a recipient of this award, Dr. MacDougall will serve on the IADR subcommittee that selects the award winner for the next five years. In the fifth year, she will chair the selection subcommittee.