July 6, 2001
Volume XXXIV, No. 27


Making the Rounds

Of Note


Plan for safe, fun vacation this summer

Illustration of family w/luggage

Summer is the season for vacations, and the university police department reminds employees to take safety precautions before and during family trips.

A safe trip begins at home. The key is to make your home look like you never left.

• Keep window blinds in their normal positions.

• Stop mail and newspaper delivery service or have a neighbor pick up mail and newspapers every day.

• Ask police or a trusted neighbor to monitor your home, or ask someone you trust to "house sit."

• Put several lights on timers so they will go on and off at appropriate times.

• Lock doors and windows.

Preparing for a family trip requires planning for what to bring, where you are going and where you will stay.

• Organize your wallet or purse. Take only essential credit cards. Use credit cards and traveler's checks when possible.

• Carry your purse close to you, keep your wallet inside your front pocket or, better yet, take a fanny pack.

• Keep anything of value, such as medicine and jewelry, in a carry-on bag that stays with you.

• Research cities you will visit.

• Drive carefully, wear seat belts, obey traffic laws, be sure your car is serviced and carry a good map.

• Keep your doors locked. Police cars have red and/or blue lights, so don't stop for just flashing headlights.

Take precautions when you reach your destination.

• Close and lock your hotel room door at all times. Check sliding glass doors, windows and connecting room doors.

• Don't answer the hotel room door without verifying who is knocking.

• Don't carelessly display keys in restaurants, by swimming pools or in other public areas where they can be stolen.

• Walk and park in well-lit areas.

• Know the location of stairways, fire escapes and other exits.

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