June 22, 2001
Volume XXXIV, No. 25


Making the Rounds

Newly Granted


Zebra fish experts to meet on campus

Photo of zebra fish The zebra fish is being studied in Health Science Center labs as a model of blood clotting.

The Health Science Center will host a Texas Zebra Fish Development and Genetics Meeting Thursday and Friday, July 26 and 27, in the auditorium and foyer.

Made possible by an Enrichment Conferences Grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Resources Program, the meeting will bring together more than two dozen researchers and students in Texas who are pioneering studies of the tiny freshwater tropical fish.

Abstracts and poster presentations for the meeting should be submitted to Katrine Krueger, cellular and structural biology, ext. 7-6797, by June 29. Registration for the meeting is $20 and includes a reception and dinner on July 26 and a lunch on July 27. Oral presentations and poster displays are scheduled for July 27. Call Krueger to register, or download information and registration forms at http://zfin.org/zf_info/news/mtgs.html#Texas .

Dr. Pudur Jagadeeswaran and his research team in cellular and structural biology will host the meeting. Dr. "Jag" maintains the largest collection of zebra fish in Texas and is currently funded for several projects using the fish, including saturation mutagenesis.

Zebra fish have become popular study subjects in recent years because their embryos are transparent, enabling scientists to study developmental problems. Also, the fish are cost effective to raise and carry about 85 percent of the genes present in humans. Practically any genetic defect can be studied because zebra fish genes can be readily mutated or deleted and their functions analyzed. Photos of speakers and schedule