June 8, 2001
Volume XXXIV, No. 23



In Memoriam


Galli earns heart association award

Photo of Dr. Galli and research team Dr. Aurelio Galli (far right) credits his research team of (L-R) Andrea Quiroga, Kris Kahlig and Lucia Carvelli with helping him win the 2001 Lyndon Baines Johnson Research Award.

Dr. Aurelio Galli, pharmacology, has received the 2001 Lyndon Baines Johnson Research Award from the Texas Affiliate of the American Heart Association. He will be honored at a research luncheon July 21 in Dallas.

The award is only one of four statewide and was given for Dr. Galli's work on "Amphetamine Regulation of Dopamine Transport."

"Stroke is a well-documented complication of amphetamine (AMPH) abuse," Dr. Galli said. "Treatments are hampered by a lack of knowledge of how AMPH works at the molecular level. Our project is combining molecular biology, biochemistry, confocal microscopy and biophysics to elucidate the mechanisms involved in the acute pharmacological regulation of human dopamine transporters."

Dr. Galli and his associates hope that this project will identify molecular mechanisms of the AMPH mechanism of action and reveal new cellular targets for stroke treatment and prevention.