June 8, 2001
Volume XXXIV, No. 23



In Memoriam



Dr. Kenneth L. Kalkwarf, dean of the Dental School; Dr. Tom Nowlin, professor in the division of occlusion; and Dr. John P. Howe, III, immediate past president of the Health Science Center, were honored at the 2001 American Dental Education Association's (ADEA) 78th annual session.

Dr. Kalkwarf was recognized for his generosity in allowing members of his faculty to spend exceptional amounts of time in support of the ADEA. He also was recognized for his extensive personal involvement in dental education.

Dr. Nowlin was honored for his role as a member of the ADEA board of directors and for bringing closure to the ADEA policies review process.

Dr. Howe was honored for his outstanding leadership in an Institute of Medicine study of dentistry and for his many contributions to medicine and dentistry.

Medical honor society members elected

The following students from the Medical School's class of 2001 were elected as members of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society during their senior year:
Kristin Louise Bussey-Smith Christopher S. Cochran
Nicol S. Corbin Libby A. Crenshaw
Kimberly A. De Stefano Robert L. Dickson
Erin Elyse Fleener Christine Gilliam
Jodi L. Gould Kim Hewitt
Robert A. Holub Daniel L. Howell Jr.
Jessica Kammerl Neal K. Lakdawala
Sydney R. Lillard Karen L. Lubell
David A. Marks Jessica L. Pierce
Nathan R. Roesler Scott B. Rosenfeld
Steven J. Seiler John B. Sims
Karen Woo

The following members of the Medical School's class of 2002 were elected during their junior year:
Corrine Louise Bresko Truman M. Earl
Jason S. Griffith Jason Sweeney
Ana P. Treviño Toni A. Wakefield
Jennifer H. Yang

The new members mentioned above join the following members of the Medical School's class of 2001 who were elected to Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society during their junior year in 2000:

Michelle Greenberg Anson Jennifer E. Blankenship
Adrian M. Guevara Sarah Kristen Miller
Deborah Kay Pieper Zachary R. Scott
Elizabeth Hughes Tichy