May 4, 2001
Volume XXXIV, No. 18


Of Note


New Dell standard configuration is available

Clipart of computer

The new Health Science Center standard desktop computer configuration is now available for purchase by university employees for office or personal use. The new Dell Optiplex GX150 computer includes the following:

• Intel 866 MHz Pentium III processor with new Intel 815e chipset

• Dell 17-inch Trinitron monitor (four options available)

• Integrated video with 4 MB of video cache

• Integrated 10/100 network interface card

• Integrated SoundBlaster-compatible audio

• 128 MB RAM (PC133 SDRAM) (one option, recommend additional 128 MB)

• 20 GB hard disk drive (7200 RPM) (three options available)

• 3.5 inch 1.44 MB floppy disk drive

• Wheel Intellimouse

• Keyboard (104 keys)

• CD-R/RW/DVD combo (8x4x32x8)

• Three years on-site warranty

• Small mini-tower case (charcoal gray)

Cost for this configuration, including shipping, is $1,420. Hardware upgrade options are available at an additional cost. A model GX150 will be on display in the UTHSC computer store beginning May 7.

Computing resources staff recommends that UTHSC computers be ordered with the Windows 2K operating system because use of Windows 98 at the university is expected to be phased out.

For more information on hardware options, upgrade costs, purchasing and installation instructions, installed software (institutional only), and warranty services, visit the Software House International (SHI) Web site at

When planning for an institutional purchase, go to the SHI Web site and type in UTHSCSA as both the user name and password to view options and prices.

When purchasing for personal purposes, type in UTHOME as both the user name and password.

For more information, call the computing resources help desk at ext. 7-2069 or see your department's designated technical support representative.