April 6, 2001
Volume XXXIV, No. 14


Making the Rounds

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Retirement Roundup


Retirement Roundup

Portrait of Dr. Elaine Graveley DR. GRAVELEY

Dr. Graveley retires from School of Nursing

Longtime School of Nursing faculty member Dr. Elaine Graveley recently retired after 17 and a half years with the university. "I've been so busy since January that I don't know how I ever had time to work," she says.

Dr. Graveley retired from the acute nursing care department, where she taught health care administration and planned, developed and taught the very popular informatics minor for graduate nursing students. The tenured associate professor was a former chairman of the Health Science Center's computing resources committee and was instrumental in developing some of the graduate nursing courses on the Web, including pathophysiology and advanced nurse practice courses.

When time permits, she hopes to travel.

"It is impossible to list everything Dr. Graveley has done in her service for the department, the School of Nursing and the Health Science Center," said Dr. Nancy Girard, chairman of acute nursing care. "For example, she chaired or served on almost all major committees. She was a recognized leader in the administration and informatics arenas. Her knowledge of finance helped shape the school's core and administration major courses. Her service was deeply appreciated and we wish only the best for her in her retirement."

Dr. Cruz retires from surgical oncology

Portrait of Dr. Anatolio Cruz DR. CRUZ

Dr. Anatolio B. Cruz Jr., the Health Science Center's first chief of surgical oncology, recently retired after 35 years with the university.

Dr. Cruz was the principal investigator for the National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project at the UTHSC. Through his research, he helped prove that the lumpectomy or segmental mastectomy was as effective as total mastectomy in cure rates and was less mutilating. He also was instrumental in promoting the blue dye-radioisotope sentinel node biopsy procedure on lymph nodes in a patient's armpit. The procedure is now being widely tested throughout the United States and Canada to determine if it can replace radical lymph node dissection in certain cases.

Although Dr. Cruz is retired, he will continue to retain some of his teaching duties in the surgery department and will see patients in the outpatient units at University Hospital.

"I am happy that I have had the opportunity to help develop the surgery program here and lead an academic professional life that has been very fulfilling for me," Dr. Cruz said.

Other recent Health Science Center retirees include:

Armando Aguero, educational resources; Maria C. Casias, facilities management; Evelyn L. Cordero, family and community medicine; Karen K. Davidson, medicine; Andrea Dimas, dental clinic; Elmira D. Flores, bookstore; Alicia A. Guerra, facilities management; Vernell E. Helm, psychiatry; Genaro Leija, lab animal resources; Wayne E. Marine, pediatrics; Ruth G. Marshall, institutional review board; Genevieve E. McCaffrey, surgery; Dr. Arthur S. McFee, surgery; Pamela B. Render, medicine; Nina L. Thornell, dental diagnostic science; Joseph E. Veillon, facilities management.