March 23, 2001
Volume XXXIV, No. 12


Of Note


Lone Star shines on new
UTHSC home page

UTHSC home page

The Health Science Center rolled out a new look for its home page March 23, along with a new search engine that indexes the 13,000 pages of the UTHSC Web site.

The cleaner, simplified look introduces a new Lone Star insignia for the university. "That theme will be incorporated into more pages as they are redesigned over the course of a year or so," said Jim Barrett, campus webmaster.

The new design also is easier to load on computers on and off campus. The home page receives about 6,000 visits a day.

The Web team in the Division of Multimedia and Web Services designed the new page, which gained the approval of the Web Advisory Committee. The Office of External Affairs provided input.

The new search engine indexes the main university server and many other Web servers on campus. "We've never had a search engine that indexed servers other than the institutional server," Barrett said. "The institutional server holds more than half of the pages from campus sources, but other servers have the remaining content. This new public tool almost doubles the number of searchable pages."