October 10, 2000
Volume XXXIII, No. 35



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Hispanic enrollment rises

Twenty-two percent of the Health Science Center’s students are of Hispanic descent, the highest percentage in the past five academic years, according to preliminary enrollment figures provided by the registrar for the start of the 2000-2001 academic year.

The Health Science Center is officially designated by the U.S. Department of Education as an Hispanic Serving Institution, based upon its undergraduate Hispanic enrollment, and provides extensive outreach programs to attract minority students to health and science careers.

The new fall figures also reveal that nearly 1,500 of the university’s students are women. The female enrollment of 58.4 percent held steady from 1999-2000, when the total was 58.6 percent. In the Medical School, 419 of the 824 students (50.8 percent) training to be physicians are female.

Final enrollment statistics, which are submitted annually to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, generally are not available until November or December.

The university’s overall enrollment of 2,550 is nearly the same as the last academic year, as are the figures by school. The Fall 2000 preliminary totals are: Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, 275; Dental School, 402; School of Allied Health Sciences, 479; School of Nursing, 570; and Medical School, 824.

Students in minority groups total 1,067, or 41.8 percent of the Health Science Center enrollment, compared to 946 minority students (37.2 percent) a year ago. The Hispanic enrollment jumped 2.5 percent over Fall 1999.

The following chart gives the totals for Hispanic enrollment for the past five academic years, as recorded each fall:

Year Students % of Total
2000 561 22.00
1999 498 19.57
1998 512 18.93
1997 453 16.84
1996 440 16.17

—Will Sansom