September 11, 2000
Volume XXXIII, No. 33




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HSC Media Report

Photo by Fernando Serna

Dr. Bankole Johnson
, Departments of Psychiatry and Pharmacology, discussed his study of ondansetron and early onset alcoholism with at least 46 media callers logged below:

Thursday, August 17

  • Cindy Tumiel, San Antonio Express-News

  • Rob Stein, Washington Post

Friday, August 18:

  • Holly Firfer, Cable News Network

  • Wendy Rigby, KENS-TV

  • Louise Daly, Agence-France Presse (international wire service)

  • Mike Santangelo, United Press International, New York

  • Salynn Boyles, WebMD (online), Nashville

Monday, August 21

  • Lindsey Tanner, Associated Press, Chicago

  • Leigh Hopper, Houston Chronicle

  • Mary Ann Roser, Austin American-Statesman

  • Janice Horowitz, TIME Magazine, New York

  • Mike Conlon, Reuters News Service, Chicago

  • Merritt McKinney, Reuters Health (online) (a separate branch of Reuters)

  • Patty Neighmond, National Public Radio, Los Angeles

  • Bruce Bower, Science News
    magazine, Washington

  • Victoria Griffith (based in Boston), Financial Times of London

  • Hong Mautz, CBS Health Watch (online), New York

  • Bijal Trivedi, Genome News
    Network (online), Rockville, Md.

  • Roberto Rivera, San Antonio Medical Gazette

  • Sandra Renrick, WSPA-TV, CBS affiliate in Spartanburg, S.C.

  • EurekAlert (Web site), item posted by National Institute on Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism

  • WTXF-TV (FOX), Philadelphia

Tuesday, August 22

  • Maria Flores, ABC World News Tonight

  • Tonya Burress, CBS Radio Network

  • Janice Karkel, ABC Radio

  • Ira Dreyfuss, Associated Press Radio

  • Delthia Ricks, Newsday
    (Long Island)

  • DeeAnn Glamser,, Seattle

  • Rune Cristofferson, VG (daily newspaper), Oslo, Norway

  • Theresa Waldrop, Bloomberg News Service, Dallas

  • Adam Marcus, HealthSCOUT (online), New York


  • Lennie Kirkman, WOAI Radio

  • Tony Cantu, Texas Public Radio

  • WTOP Radio, Washington, D.C.

Wednesday, August 23

  • Katie Kiefer, KMOL-TV

  • Rebecca Corral, CBS Radio, San Francisco

  • Tony Trupiano (radio show heard in 80 markets)

Thursday, August 24

  • Eliza Sonneland, KTSA Radio

  • Leena Khor, Pink Sheet
    (pharmaceuticals/biotechnology paper)

  • Tom Clay, KENS Radio

Friday, August 25

  • Melanie Deveau, CKLW Radio, Windsor, Ontario

Tuesday, August 29:

  • Jessica Berman, Voice of America

  • Brian McAlarney, Drug Abuse and Alcoholism Weekly

Thursday, August 31:

  • Jack Riccardi, KTSA Radio

The Media Report

National & International

  • ABC and WebMD interviewed Dr. Mary MacDougall, dental dean’s office/pediatric dentistry, about tooth "farming." She told ABC that at least 25 different genes have been found to prompt teeth to grow in humans. Dr. MacDougall was interviewed on the same topic by the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, KTSA Radio, KLIS Radio in Dallas, KWEX-TV and Delta Airlines magazine.

  • Boston’s Marketplace Radio Show interviewed Dr. Martin Meltz, radiation oncology, about the safety of cell phones. Dr. Meltz also was quoted in a Wall Street Journal article about a cell phone risk standard adopted by manufacturers.

  • The CBS newsmagazine 60 Minutes quoted Dr. Douglas Barber, rehabilitation medicine, in a segment about injuries that could be caused by tire blowouts.

  • An article in USA Weekend on the health effects of mold in schools included quotes from Dr. Claudia Miller, family practice.

  • ABC World News Tonight asked Dr. Robert O’Rourke, medicine/cardiology, about new guidelines on Electron Beam Computed Tomography, issued by the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology.

  • An article written by Dr. H. Ralph Rawls, restorative dentistry/ biomaterials, was published in the MIT Magazine of Innovation Technology Review.

  • Ivanhoe Broadcast News of Florida interviewed Dr. Gregory Mundy, medicine/endocrinology, about antlers and bone growth factors.

  • Newsweek interviewed Dr. Chris Johnson, pediatrics, about milestones in children’s development.

  • USA Today spoke with Dr. Lawrence Harkless, orthopaedics/podiatry, about why lower-extremity amputation rates are higher in South Texas than in other parts of the country.


  • The Laredo Morning Times ran a photograph of Dr. John P. Howe, III, president, and representatives of the D.D. Hachar Charitable Trust Foundation on the presentation of an oversized check to announce the Hachar Foundation’s $2 million commitment to the Health Science Center’s Laredo Campus Extension. A subsequent story in the Times quoted President Howe.

  • The Valley Morning Star (Harlingen) reported the symbolic groundbreaking ceremony of the Lower Rio Grande Valley Regional Academic Health Center (RAHC). KGBT-TV in Harlingen, KNVO-TV in McAllen and KURV-AM in Edinburg also aired segments on the RAHC ceremony.

    picture of RAHC building

    Top legislative leaders from near and far, U. T. System officers, Health Science Center officials and the Regional Academic Health Center’s partners—Valley Baptist Medical Center, Su Clínica Familiar of Harlingen and the South Texas community—celebrated the RAHC groundbreaking Aug. 28 in Harlingen.

  • The Monitor (McAllen) quoted Dr. Jaime Garza, surgery/plastic & reconstructive, about the intangible ingredients, such as work ethic, that students will need in becoming physicians. Dr. Garza was one of several Health Science Center speakers at a Med/Ed pre-med workshop for students.

  • The Houston Chronicle interviewed Dr. Sanford Miller, dean of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, about the prominence of San Antonio’s Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research.

San Antonio Express-News

  • An editorial lauded the establishment of the Regional Academic Health Center and was accompanied by a rendering of the RAHC Medical Education Division.

  • The daily quoted Dr. Bettie Sue Masters, biochemistry, as saying that university scientists studying the human genome will greatly benefit from $7 million in new equipment acquisitions on campus.

  • A lead editorial praised the Health Science Center for making great strides in creating the Children’s Cancer Research Center.

  • Dr. Francisco Cigarroa, surgery, and President Howe were interviewed about the first pediatric small bowel transplant in South Texas history, performed earlier this year by Dr. Cigarroa.

  • Dr. Gary Guest, dental diagnostic science, was quoted about the Dental School’s transition to an electronic curriculum, beginning with incoming students this fall.

  • Dr. Celia Kaye, pediatrics, and Dr. Henry Perkins, medicine/general medicine, were interviewed about ethical issues surrounding the deciphering of the human genetic blueprint.

  • The daily quoted Dr. David Shelledy, respiratory care, about asthma trends and statistics in San Antonio and Bexar County.

  • Separate articles about the summer heat’s effect on the elderly quoted Dr. Toni Miles, family practice, and Dr. Donald Gordon, emergency medical technology.

  • Jack Maguire, former special assistant to President Howe, was honored in an obituary about his many contributions.

  • The Express-News reported that the first building of the Laredo Campus Extension will be named for late Laredo businessman D.D. Hachar.


  • KENS, Channel 5, asked Dr. Mark Funk, obstetrics & gynecology, to comment on a published report that annual Pap smears may not be necessary for most women.

  • KENS also interviewed Dr. Edward Lefeber, medicine, about preventing colds by taking zinc, and spoke with

  • Dr. Maria Lopez Howell, restorative dentistry, about preventing cavities.

  • KMOL, Channel 4, invited Dr. Laura Collins, medicine/cardiology, to discuss "silent" heart attacks. The station also interviewed Dr. Autumn Dawn Galbreath, medicine/cardiology, about the risk of heart problems in younger women and about a major Health Science Center congestive heart failure study.

  • KSAT, Channel 12; KABB, Channel 29; KVDA, Channel 60; and KENS covered the news conference for the first pediatric small bowel transplant in South Texas history.

  • KMOL and KABB mentioned the distribution of laptop computers to incoming Dental School students starting on an electronic curriculum.


  • WOAI-AM interviewed Dr. Leonel Vela, medical dean’s office, about the Regional Academic Health Center groundbreaking. The station also aired a segment about incoming dental students receiving laptop computers.

  • KONO-AM quoted Dr. Douglas Barber about tires and potential injuries.
  • Texas Public Radio, WOAI and KTFM interviewed Dr. Wen-Hwa Lee, molecular medicine/Institute of Biotechnology, about his team’s discovery of a link between two genes that, when defective, are involved in development of breast cancer.
  • WOAI and Texas Public Radio covered the news conference for the first pediatric small bowel transplant in South Texas history.
  • The KLUP-AM "Prime Plus" show with Mary Denman interviewed Dr. Toni Miles, family practice, about health care for well elders; Dr. Michael Lichtenstein, medicine/geriatrics and gerontology, about single-payer systems for health care and elder care; and Dr. Roger McCarter, physiology, about the biology of aging.
  • KTSA-AM spoke with Dr. Alexander Miller, surgery, about procedures to remove melanoma.

Area Media

  • The San Antonio Medical Gazette carried numerous stories and photos, including the first pediatric intestinal transplant in South Texas and an Emergency Medical Services accident simulation for third-year medical students.
  • The San Antonio Business Journal interviewed Dr. Tony Infante, medicine/Children’s Cancer Research Center, about the ways in which tobacco settlement funds are being spent in San Antonio.
  • La Prensa ran a photo and caption about scholarships presented to incoming medical students by the Mexican American Physicians Association.
  • The Seguin Gazette-Enterprise ran a story about tooth regeneration, quoting Dr. Mary MacDougall.
  • The Hill Country Recorder (Boerne) ran an item about a LASIK eye surgery seminar being held at the Health Science Center.
  • The Standard Radio-Post (Fredericksburg) mentioned Dr. Peter John Hart, biochemistry, who received a grant to find the cause of the inherited form of Lou Gehrig’s disease.

— Compiled by Will Sansom