July 17, 2000
Volume XXXIII, No. 28



"Freedom 2000" picnic serves up food and fun 

The annual Health Science Center picnic, "Freedom 2000," held June 30 in the university courtyard, was a resounding success thanks to the efforts of a small army of volunteers from all over campus. Michael Galan, CDLTH (lower left), aka Uncle Sam, flips tortillas on a hot grill as Julie Saenz, instrumentation services, (bottom of page) turns sausages. Picnic-goers (below) enjoy lunch in the shade of the courtyard. 

Thank You 

The Health Science Center Special Events Council would like to thank the following people for their volunteer efforts during the June 30 "Freedom 2000" picnic. These volunteers helped with everything from cooking to decorating the courtyard. The Special Events Council also would like to thank the ARAMARK company for preparing some of the food for the picnic. 

A special round of applause for picnic coordinators Joe Ocampo, Instrumentation Services; Mary Yanes, Computing Resources; and Janice Smith, Graduate Dean's Office. 

Thank you to the following staff members, in order of shift worked: 

Mike Galan, CDLTH; Keith Jarzombek, General Services; Julie Saenz, Instrumentation Services; Yollie Acosta, Institutional Animal Care Office; Sigrid Long, Computing Resources; Gloria Serna, Computing Resources; Vicky Gonzalez, Accounting; Hilda Gutierrez, Graduate Dean's Office; Belinda Chapa, Graduate Dean's Office; Debbie Vreeland, Computing Resources; Rita Sicina, CDLTH; Nelda Appin, Computing Resources; Maria Ramirez, Student Services, and daughter Maricella; Wink Carlock, Student Services; 

Clarissa Baize, Student Services; Susan Vyverman, Computing Resources; Angela Robinson, Biochemistry; Susan Elliot, Financial Operations; Sylvia Knopp, Graduate Dean's Office; Maria Reyna, Acute Nursing; Harry Cousart, TNN; Kim Roth, Computing Resources; Nora Eblen, Student Services; Melissa Jimenez, EMT; David Coatney, EMT; Sherry Boudreau, Accounting; Barbara Ford, Computing Resources; Hope Casas, Student Services; Celia Martinez, Student Services; LaShawn Payton, Student Services; Loretta Edwards, Ob/Gyn; Ed Rebello, Computing Resources; Tony Ferrara, Vice President for Academic and Business Affairs (VPABA); Steve Lynch, VPABA; Cathy Poehnert, Graduate Dean's Office; Andrea Garcia, Computing Resources; 

Hilda Cheatum, Psychiatry; Connie H. Morris, Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and Planning (VPIEP); Ken Andrews, TNT; Molly Greene, Academic Support; Debbie Lessing, Physiology; Bernadine Castillo, TNT; Brian Purcell, TNT; Maria Hernandez, TNT; Julianne Weiskircher, TNT; Dora Guerrero, TNT; Yolanda Montes, Accounting; Letty Davila, Accounting; Linda Gonzales, Medical Dean's Office; Jan Wilson, Medical Dean's Office; Celia Kells, Accounting; 

Virginia Rojas, Accounting; Leslie Lesley, TNT; Rose Avila, Accounting; Esther Hall, Biochemistry; Jo Wright, Biochemistry; Ann McFall, Payroll; Carol Williams, Payroll; Annette Karp, LAR; Diane Balderas, Community Dentistry; Maria Marquise, Anesthesiology; Janie Hernandez, Housekeeping; Mary Duarte, Accounting; 

Juanita Astorga, Accounting; Patty Lairsey, Ob/Gyn; Alice Soele, TNN; Olga M. Rodriguez, VPABA; Ruby Aho, VPABA; Antje Anji, Pharmacology; Ruby Anji, Pharmacology; Chris Craig, Univ. Relations; Mary Helen Barrera, VPIEP; Liz Buel, Grants Mgmt.; Teresa Zepeda, Accounting; Mona Reyes, Grants Mgmt.; Tammy Bara, Grants Mgmt.; Mireya Gonzales, President's Office; Gay Frazier, Computing Resources; Angie Adams, Grants Mgmt.; 

Roberta Oliver, Facilities Management; Shu-Jun Shen-Tu, Surgery; Debra Acosta, EMT; Joyce Bogue, Ob/Gyn; Connie Esparza, Computing Resources; Pattie Nield, Orthodontics; Liz Rolling, Ob/Gyn; E. Diane Orr, Surgery; Elsa Ortiz, Psychiatry; Susan Robinson, Surgery; Carmel Zamora, Surgery; Dori Asebedo, Surgery; Jeremy Hernandez, Physiology; Yolanda Colunga, Radiology; and Victor Smith, Jr., Pathology.