July 17, 2000
Volume XXXIII, No. 28



Grant recipients and their projects

Drs. Anthony Firulli, Christi Walter and Paul Hasty, ES Cell Core/Mouse Knockout Core; Dr. Yair Gazitt, Institutional Flow Cytometry Core Facility; Dr. Jeffrey Hansen, Analytical Ultracentrifugation Core Facility; Dr. John Hart, X-ray Crystallographic Core Laboratory; Dr. Brian Herman, Optical Imaging Facility; Dr. Andrew Hinck, High-Field Biomolecular NMR Core Facility; Dr. Chris Jenkinson, Core Molecular Genetics Facility; Dr. Paul Jerabek, Institutional Core Animal Research Imaging Facility; Dr. Eileen Lafer, New Surface Plasmon Resonance Core Laboratory; Dr. Robin Leach, Genetics Research Core; Dr. Susan Naylor, Dr. Deborah Greene and Jerome York, Bioinformatics Core/Data Management for Cores; Dr. Jan Vijg, Advanced Chip-Array Scanner and Human cDNA UNIGENE Library; Dr. Susan Weintraub, MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer; Dr. Brian Wickes, Center for Advanced DNA Technologies. 

Ad Hoc Core Research Facilities Committee 

Dr. Meena Iyer, physical therapy; Dr. Kenneth Hargreaves, endodontics;Dr. Barbara Holtzclaw, associate dean for research, School of Nursing; Dr. Anthony Infante, pediatrics; Dr. Bettie Sue Masters, biochemistry; Dr. Robert Reddick, pathology; Dr. Arlan Richardson, physiology; Dr. David Roodman, medicine; Dr. Judy Teale, microbiology; Dr. Huw Thomas, pediatric dentistry; Dr. Alan Tomkinson, molecular medicine; Dr. Robert Wolf, laboratory animal resources; and Dr. Robert Clark, medicine, ex-officio.