June 30, 2000
Volume XXXIII, No. 26



Of Note


Question to the President 

Q: Is it fair for an employee who has decided to resign with one month's or one  year's notice to interview job applicants for the  open position? 

A: The interviewing process for job applicants is determined by the hiring  supervisor. Employees frequently are involved in the interviewing process for  their replacements because they have the expertise necessary to best evaluate  the relevant technical skills of candidates. 

Q: Is it fair for the employee to ask his or her friends to apply for the  position, then interview them? What if that friend is then hired? 

A: Professional networking is a common practice in today's job market. Many  Health Science Center employees participate in professional groups and announce  job openings to expand the qualified applicant pool for positions. All qualified  applicants, including those referred through professional associations, should  be given an equal opportunity in the consideration process. 

Q: Could this be a discrimination issue?  

A: If all qualified candidates are treated equally, and the most qualified  candidate is selected for the position, this would not be a discrimination  issue. 

In conclusion, we do allow terminating employees to participate in the process  of identifying potential candidates for the positions they are leaving. However,  the hiring decision is the responsibility of the supervisor to whom the employee  in that position reports.