June 23, 2000
Volume XXXIII, No. 25


Of Note


Dr. Teichman wins prestigious award 

Dr. Joel Teichman, urology, received the Ambrose-Reed Award at the annual  meeting of the American Urological Association this spring. 

The award recognizes the most important essay on socioeconomics in urology at  the association's annual meeting. Dr. Teichman's paper was titled "In Vitro  Shockwave Lithotripsy Comparison." 

A specialist in the treatment of kidney stones, Dr. Teichman performed the first  controlled trial ever comparing shockwave lithotripsy from different machines.  He collaborated with health institutions around the country and exposed the same  kidney stones to the various machines. One of the study co-authors was Dr.  Patricia Parker, who graduated from the Medical School this year. She will begin  her urology residency at the UTHSC as well. 

"The findings are important because shockwave treatment is the dominant way to  treat kidney stones, yet no one has ever compared how well the machines perform  against each other," Dr. Teichman said. "These machines cost hundreds of  thousands of dollars, and our study showed which machines were worth the money  and which weren't."