June 16, 2000
Volume XXXIII, No. 24


Of Note


SAAF awards more than $400,000 to Health Science Center 

Making its largest donation to one organization this year, the San Antonio Area  Foundation (SAAF) awarded more than $400,000 to Health Science Center  researchers last month. 

Twenty-three researchers received funds to study infectious diseases and cancer,  find treatments for neonatal lung disease, develop instrumentation for  temporomandibular joint disorder and enhance library materials on Hispanic  health, among others. The grants were awarded at a ceremony May 24. 

Recipients of 1999 grants, with award totals and projects, are: Dr. Subramanian  Dhandayuthapani, microbiology, "Sigma Factors and Survival of Mycobacterium  tuberculosis," $17,815; Dr. Donald Dudley, obstetrics and gynecology, "The  Genetics of Preterm Birth," $15,970; Dr. Dianne Duffey, otolaryngology-head and  neck surgery, "Expression and Interactions of the TNF-related Apoptosis Inducing  Ligand (TRAIL) and NKFB in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinomas," $17,814; Dr.  Maria Gaczynska, molecular medicine, "Nanoenzymology of the Proteasome of a Tool  Drug Design," $18,560; 

Dr. Shou-Jiang Gao, pediatrics, "Molecular Epidemiology of KSHV in AIDS Patients  from San Antonio," $37,790; Dr. Jaime Garza, plastic and reconstructive surgery,  "Evaluating the Local Effect of FK 506 on Nerve Repair," $7,500; Dr. Nancy  Girard, acute nursing care, "Conversion of a Pathophysiology Course to Web-based  Offering," $10,000; Dr. Randolph Glickman, ophthalmology, "Shared  Instrumentation for the Ophthalmic Biochemistry Lab," $2,250; 

Dr. John Gunn, microbiology, "Salmonella Gallbladder Carriage: Role of Biofilm  Formation on Gallstones," $16,984; Dr. Julie Hensler, pharmacology,  "Serotonergic Markers of Drug and Alcohol Abuse," $10,932; Dr. Meenakshi Iyer,  physical therapy, "Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) in  Neuro-Rehabilitation," $25,200; Dr. Karl Klose, microbiology, "Epidemic Vibrio  Cholera Population of Texas," $16,155; 

Dr. Anne Larme, orthodontics, "Building Bridges for Community Health," $6,130;  Dr. Kathleen Matula, pediatrics, "PREMIEre Parenting Program (PREP)," $7,000;  Dr. Stuart McKinnon, ophthalmology, "Inhibition of Apoptosis in Experimental  Glaucoma," $62,500; Dr. Martha Medrano, psychiatry, "Enhancing UTHSCSA Library  Information on Hispanic Health," $19,700; 

Dr. Shamimunisa Mustafa, neonatology, "Regulation of Lung Fluid Channels in  Neonatal Lung Disease," $24,578; Dr. Thomas Patterson, infectious diseases,  "Novel Methods for the Serodiagnosis of Aspergillosis," $13,250; Dr. William  Phillips, radiology, "Novel Method of Greatly Enhanced Delivery to Lymph Nodes,"  $14,960; Dr. Bjorn Steffensen, periodontics, "Chronic Wound Healing in  Diabetes," $27,982; 

Dr. William Strodel, surgery, "Nasoendoscopic Evaluation of Velopharyngeal  Insufficiency," $11,532; Dr. Brian Wickes, microbiology, "Isolation and  Characterization of Genes Required for Hyphal Differentiation in Aspergillus  Fumigatus," $11,197; and Dr. Gustavo Zardeneta, oral and maxillofacial surgery,  "Development of Instrumentation for TMJ Analysis," $21,964.