June 2, 2000
Volume XXXIII, No. 22



In Memoriam


Treatment Research Center develops new interventions

The Treatment Research Center (TRC) at the Robert F. McDermott Clinical Science Building is a specialized center established by the Alcohol and Drug Addiction Division of the Department of Psychiatry. Under the direction of Dr. Bankole Johnson, Wurzbach Distinguished Professor and deputy chairman for research, the TRC is working to develop new interventions in the areas of alcoholism and drug addiction.

The TRC's approach integrates neuroscience and psychosocial interventions in treatment design. Ongoing studies focus on the efficacy of therapeutic interventions such as group and individual therapy and investigational medications to reduce drug and alcohol use.

The TRC is recruiting study participants. Because the research is funded through federal and private sponsors, the center staff is able to offer treatment to adults who do not have insurance coverage or other support. All treatment programs include free comprehensive diagnostic assessment, counseling, complete medical evaluations and financial compensation for participants.

Patients seeking addiction treatment may call 258-5034, leaving name and daytime telephone number. Research staff members return all calls.

Beginning with Dr. Johnson, the Division of Alcohol and Drug Addiction has engaged faculty who are national experts at recognizing the effects of abused drugs in the brain and developing medication tools with which to combat them. The division now has access to both the experts and the high-level scientific tools needed to make breakthroughs in this area of research. One of these tools is neuroimaging, and the division is working with the Research Imaging Center, also in the McDermott Building.